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A cloud-based simulations platform that strives to exceed in accessible calculative performance while allowing users to follow the entirety of their simulation lifecycle.

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Everything for your simulation on one platform

Make your simulation ideas become results in a way that makes sense, without leaving the browser.

Seamless workflow

We believe that manageability paves the way for understandability and efficient simulation engineering.

Integrated CAD
Simulation software UI should not make the experience more complex. We minimize the visual clutter helping users navigate with ease and focus on what is important.
Understandable workflow
Progress-oriented task handling gives the user total control of what has been done and how to progress. This empowers novice users with the ability to perform simulations on an expert level, while retaining complex granularity that experts are used to.
Project to task handling
The ability to perform simulations in parallel puts emphasis on the manageability of project to task handling. We design our platform with this in mind to provide a clear structure when organizing and accessing different projects.

From hours to minutes

Allow youself to be even more productive. Reduce time waiting for simulations to finish with HPC-powered servers and the ability to run several simulations at once.

HPC power
Imagine performing simulations with HPC-power on your laptop. Well, that is the power of the cloud, simply accessed via internet connection and a browser. No more restrictive local hardware, no need for installation nor maintenance, just simulate.
Parallel simulation
By running simulations on separate nodes, we enable the users to conduct several simulations in prallalel without reducing computing power.

A Small step

with confidence

Experience the platform and stay with us by own will

No year licensing
Taking a step away from the market standardized 1-year licensing. We encourage users to try Flinck without having to make a lifechanging commitment and to stay with us because you want.
No hidden fees
Transparent billing format. Users will have total visual control over how much they simulate.
Pay per simulation
Cut your costs or pay the same amount regardless of usage as with our competitors, it is up to you!
Cut hardware and software footprint
Forget about large investments in hardware to get feasible simulation time and say goodbye to recurring maintenance costs.

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