FLINCK.Cloud simulation

Machine learning and the clouds capabilities lets you experience true calculative performance


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Redefine efficient design validation

A design validation software that excels in accessibility, seamless workflow and calculative performance for materials and fluids

From hours to minutes

Shorten the design process by orders of magnitude and make both more economical and more environmentally friendly decisions

With the cloud, high performance computing power can be utilized without restricting your local hardware.
Parallel simulation
Simulations will be run on separate nodes, which enable users to conduct several simulations in parallel.
Machine learning
Simulate up to 200 times faster than conventional methods and enable solving certain complex problems which otherwise were not solvable with CAE.

Technical usability in mind

When we talk about ease of use it's not only for the novices.

Use any geometry
Don't feel restricted by grids. With our technology we can utilize the knowledge from decades of geometry handling and meshing techniques.
Adaptable usage
Use any part of our system as you'd like. Our infrastructure allows for tight integration in any part of your existing software stack.

A small step

with confidence

Lowering conversion barriers by minimizing administrative headaches and letting the intuitive UI guide users

Ease of use
No need for maintenance, no installing software, no expensive hardware, the intuitive interface with progress oriented task handling is ready.
Integrated CAD
Allowing users to make quick adjustments within the software, one of many key features to achieve a seamless workflow experience.
API integration script
Possibility to integrate own workflows and tools for a headless simulation experience.
Flexible pricing model
Pay-per-use, monthly, yearly.. Talk to us.
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Visual Sweden
An international innovation initiative cluster in one of Europe's most attractive innovation environments for visualization and picture analysis.
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SKAPA-talent Östergötland
For the innovative and creative concept of Flinck Technologies with its future commercial opportunities, we were awarded SKAPA award.