FLINCK.Cloud simulation

Democratizing high end design validation by utilizing cloud capabilities and machine learning


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Leveling the playing field

Minimized upfront- and administrative costs with intuitive UI tailored for a seamless workflow, everyone can start benefiting from high end design validation

No more barriers

Challenging the status quo of high upfront costs and prohibitive ​complex desktop application, without reducing key functionality

Reduce administrative costs
Using the cloud calculative performance renders no need for expensive hardware, no installation nor maintenance, just simulate.
Growth incentive
No more licensing headaches. Grow with us by choosing what plan best suits your current need, pay-per-use, monthly or yearly.
Progress-oriented task handling
Through visual confirmations the user has total control of what has been done and how to progress. Empowering novice users with the ability to perform expert level simulations, while retaining complex granularity that experts are used to.

Exceed in design validation

Shorten the design process by orders of magnitude, explore true accessible calculative performance

Access high performance computing power without restricting your local hardware.
Parallel simulation
Simulations run on separate nodes, which enable users to conduct several simulations in parallel without reducing computing power.
Machine learning
Simulate up to 200 times faster than conventional methods and enable solving certain complex problems which otherwise were not solvable with CAE.

A small step

with confidence

for instant uninterrupted access to high end finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Up-to-date without a break
The software remains up-to-date without disturbing the daily work through the clouds continuous background updates.
Integrated CAD
Allowing users to make quick adjustments within the software, one of many key features to achieve a seamless workflow experience.
API integration script
Possibility to integrate own workflows and tools for a headless simulation experience.
Instant access
Not convinced? Create an account (it’s free) and explore the ease of use by yourself.
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For the innovative and creative concept of Flinck Technologies with its future commercial opportunities, we were awarded SKAPA award.